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ChemLux II was developed to offer a 100% fluid proof, patient friendly ticking for Health Care mattresses. Back coated with our exclusive “Ultra-Soft” PVC coating with a special crack resistant formulation, ChemLux II also imparts anti-microbial and fungal additives to provide a hygienically safe, easy to clean mattress cover. With a successful five year track record, ChemLux II is weldable and can be screen printed with any acceptable logo.

As the Premier Healthcare Stretch Fabric, Chemflex II can be used for mattresses, wheelchair cushions, positioning wedges and other support surfaces. It is constructed of highly fluid and stain resistant polyurethane top coating with an elastic polyester knit backing for exceptional durability and recovery. Chemflex II is antimicrobial, anti fungal, flame retardant and low shear, which aides in the reduction of Decubitus ulcers and other sores. Available in Royal Blue and Black. (Custom colors available upon request.)


ChemSafe Jr. is our “industry standard” 8.5 oz./sq. yd. vinyl mattress ticking. ChemSafe Jr. provides a highly durable, easy-to-clean mattress cover for correctional mattresses. ChemSafe Jr. is also flame retardant, resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, fluid-proof, self-deodorizing and contains no heavy metals or arsenicals.

ChemSafe is the industry standard 10.5 oz/sq. yd. reinforced vinyl mattress ticking. Providing a fluid-proof tear and puncture resistant mattress cover currently specified by over 30 state correctional mattress shops and several more local jails and sheriff’s departments, this fabric has become the “workhorse” of the prison market. Our dynamic anti-microbial and fungal additives will ensure your inmates’ health and well being by preventing dangerous bacteria from growing on the mattress.


XP-70W has a smooth 70D nylon surface to minimize friction to the patient. Its specialized urethane coating distinguishes between water molecules and droplets, making it both breathable and fluid proof, and prevents leakage of body fluids. Breathable functionality aids in Microclimate control, and it is free of heavy metals, stain resistant, and easy to clean and maintain.


Constructed of smooth 70D nylon with a fluid proof neoprene butyl coating, Chemgard offers a soft, patient friendly surface for pressure relief applications. The butyl coating is highly resistant to harsh cleaning agents, and it is flame, bacterial and stain resistant.


Polyurethane Coated Four Way Stretch, Chemcare BFR is flame retardant, anti-microbial, fluid resistant and highly durable, as well as highly weldable for sealed seam mattresses.


Made with 5 oz Vinyl Polyester Pillow Ticking, Chemsoft is microvented for patient comfort. Economically efficient, it is breathable, reusable and fluid resistant. Available in Sea Blue and White.