Chemtick Coated Fabrics, Inc.

Residence Hall Fabrics

XP PLUS (Also available in a less expensive polyester version)

XP Plus has become the standard mattress fabric for Residence Hall applications. Consisting of a 100% certified nylon substrate, XP Plus provides a flame retardant, bacterial and fungal resistant mattress cover fabric, while at the same time maximizing student comfort. The
minimum 1 oz. polyurethane coating provides maximum fluid resistance, preventing fluid contamination to the inside of the mattress. XP Plus is also available with a chemical free inherent laminated fire barrier to ensure compliance with 16 CFR 1633 and Cal T.B.129.


With its innovative, woven hexagonal design, HEXcel incorporates a unique blend of high grade Nylon 6.6 yarn and an advanced, naturally fire resistant thermosetting polyurethane polymer, maximizing impact and abrasion resistance, moisture wicking, and stain resistance. HEXcel leads the industry in tear strength, with 40% greater strength than traditional nylon fabrics. HEXcel shields against mold, mildew, and abrasive cleaning agents and provides easy to care for Kevlar- like mattress protection and long lasting performance. HEXcel is also available with a chemical free inherent laminated fire barrier to ensure compliance with 16 CFR1633 and Cal T.B.129.

ChemCare BFR

A four way premium stretch fabric that is RF weldable and heat sealable, ChemCare BFR’s knit substrate allows for highly efficient and strong welded seams. Flame retardant, fluid and stain resistant, ChemCare BFR is available with an added “polycarbonate” finish for superior resistance to harsh cleaning agents.

ChemFlex II

As the premier Residence Hall stretch fabric, ChemFlex II is perfectly suited for dormitory mattresses. It is constructed of a highly fluid and stain resistant polyurethane top coating with an elastic, polyester knit backing for exceptional recovery and durability. ChemFlex II is anti microbial, anti-fungal, flame retardant, and low shear. Available in stock colors of royal blue and black, with custom colors available upon request.